We are all about recognizing and championing complex, ambitious, and beautiful women. Women like us.

For professional women, we provide a kaleidoscope of insights, tips, and tricks, share experiences from other accomplished ladies in leadership and executive positions. We champion, cheer, and share our unique paths to executive gorgeousness and work-life satisfaction.

For corporations and brands that are serious about reaching and engaging today’s complex, multi-faceted women, we provide services around brand engagement, marketing & positioning as well as corporate culture consulting & experiences.


The challenges

  • There is a gap between what women want and need to thrive in the workplace and what organizations provide.
  • There is a gap between how women see themselves and how how we are represented in media and marketing.

The solution

At Gimme Gorgeous, we are passionate about inspiring, motivating, and engaging professional women. We believe that brains and beauty don’t cancel each other out and we swear by the powers of executive style & presence.

What is executive style & presence?

APPEARANCE. We recognize the importance of “looking the part” and love the sweet boost of confidence we feel when we are put together. It’s not frivolous vanity! It’s an important part of maintaining our professional presentation and performance. That’s why Gimme Gorgeous curates content around grooming and styling that recognizes and support the diverse presentation needs of women in the workplace and in the spotlight.

COMMUNICATIONS. We believe that we don’t have to be natural born lovers of limelight and attention in order to successfully command a team, a room, and an audience. That’s why Gimme Gorgeous includes tips and tricks for all the events in which we have to publicly persuade, negotiate, and inspire.

GRAVITAS. We know that we exude an irresistible air of authority and confidence when we remain cool under pressure and respond rather than react to the curveballs of business life. That’s why Gimme Gorgeous encourages to actively pursue goals around wellness, vitality, and happiness to support us in strengthening our roots and balancing our lives so we cannot easily be stressed and shaken.