Gimme Gorgeous Group founder & CEO Katja Bartholmess is passionate about inspiring and motivating professional women and supporting a multi-dimensional view of women in media and marketing.

“I crafted my own path to success and want to hear and share the stories of other women. I believe that we can inspire and champion each other and I believe that we can make a difference in the way women are represented in marketing stories and included in corporate cultures. I will certainly not give up trying.”

The serial entrepreneur has lived and worked in Berlin, London, Pretoria, and Tokyo before taking root in Brooklyn, her favorite borough of New York City. She is a professional brand builder and has over a decade of experience in consulting and advising brands and businesses under her stylishly skinny belt. Clients from across the globe have worked with her and her teams in the areas of:

  • strategic communications with a focus on digital & social
  • branding, marketing & positioning
  • product innovation & development

The German native has a keen eye for what today`s global and interconnected audiences desire, a social media pioneer’s hand for content and engagement strategies that work, and an anthropologist’s understanding of what makes people tick. She utilizes her international outlook as well as her digital savvy to connect brands and audiences across the globe. Her insights on branding in a social and digital age have been featured in leading industry publications.

She is a Board Observer of the MIT Enterprise Forum NYC as well as the creator and co-organizer of their Future of X Think Tank event series and the co-founder of Bushwick Entrepreneurs Club. Katja holds a Master in Cultural Anthropology from Humboldt University Berlin.