Iconic power dressers now and then

Looking for style inspiration that brings out your inner Alpha Power Leader? Look no further than this gallery of ten iconic power dressers, both fictitious (think Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington) and real (think Anna Wintour).

While we don’t suggest you go out and find yourself a 1980s power suit, we do like to read about the efforts and thinking that went into planning these ladies’ outfits.

Take Margaret Thatcher: The former English Prime Minister “cleverly refined her clothing to reflect her rising power (…) and kept files on what she wore when, with outfits named “Reagan Navy” or “Election ’87”.

Or look at Victoria Beckham: She “struggled sartorially when she first moved to Los Angeles in 2007. (…) Her body-hugging frocks, five-inch stilettos, statement handbags and perma-pout just didn’t look right on the studiedly laidback, expensively dressed-down west coast. She nailed it eventually, of course. Now, as a surprisingly successful fashion designer with an eponymous label, she’s helping a whole new generation of women to power dress.”

Have a look at the full gallery in Guardian’s The 10 Best Female Power Dresses.

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