You’re not faking it

Impostor Syndrome. The fear that people have of being found out as a fraud. Everyone seems to have it. And if you ever felt like you’re not deserving of the success you have achieved, know that you’re in the company of Academy Award winners, best-selling authors, CEOs.

Much has been written about it. Forbes wrote about it. Wall Street Journal wrote about it. Fast Company wrote about it too.

We particularly liked this article in The Shriver Report. The author, the first African American woman to become a Vice President at Avon shares 10 Ways To Overcome Impostor Syndrome.

The tip that resonated most — besides keeping your sense of humor about it all — was this one:

She suggests to do “a reality check by making a list of your special skills and the qualities you have that attract people to you and have gotten you this far.”

Why don’t you “take stock of your success. Keep a written inventory of your skills, accomplishments, and experiences to understand your success. Use logic and facts to assuage your fears. This will help you strengthen the skill of internal validation.”

We’re certainly going to give it a shot!

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