Leadership styles for all seasons

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to leadership. Different situations require different approaches. What worked in one setting might not be as effective in another.

So how are we supposed to know which leadership style to choose for a given business situation?

We found the overview in this article in Fast Company pretty insightful. It breaks out the following 6 leadership styles and describes the situations where they will take you the farthest:

  1. The pacesetting leader. Motto: “Do as I do, now.” Best for already motivated teams when quick results are needed.
  2. The authoritative leader. Motto: “Come with me.” Works best when the team needs to be excited around a new vision.
  3. The affiliative leader. Motto: “People come first.” Best in times of stress or when the team needs to rebuild trust.
  4. The coaching leader. Motto: “Try this.” Works best when the leader wants to help teammates build lasting personal strengths.
  5. The coercive leader. Motto: “Do what I tell you.” Best in times of crisis, such as in a company turnaround or a takeover attempt.
  6. The democratic leader. Motto: “What do you think?” Most effective when the leader needs fresh ideas from qualified teammates.

The article will give you more background. Why don’t you head over and see which leadership styles might work best for your tasks at hand?

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