The Path to Email Excellence

We are so far from reaching Inbox Zero that we’re not even going to bother trying.

But we feel strongly about emails. Isn’t achieving email excellence as noble a pursuit as reaching Inbox Zero?

We think so. And were thrilled to find this article in Fast Company that promises to give Templates and Hints for the Perfect Email for Almost Every Situation.

It shares emails that kindly say “no” in a variety of circumstances, gives you magic phrases (“You’re right.” “I’d love to help with this.”) as well as power replies to customer complaints (“You’re right, we could definitely do this better.”  “I know this is a huge disruption to your day and I’m working to get it fixed.”), it alerts you to empty words you should skip and full words you should use liberally.

Why don’t you try some of the recommendations and see whether it takes you closer to email excellence? We sure will.

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