Why don’t you record your messages?

Have you ever gotten a cramp in your thumb from excessive chatting on WhatsApp or Threema or whatever your preferred platform is? Those are the moments when we praise their audio note feature and start sending audio clips.

Then this article from Inc. Magazine popped up in our radar and promised to solve all our email inbox problems the same way we solve our cramped thumb problems: By recording your messages.

Mind you, we’re not saying you should record every single email. Far from it. But there are always those emails that require longer, more complex responses. And always those that would benefit from having a personal touch. You can’t call everyone, that would take longer than writing epic emails. You also don’t want to just leave lengthy voicemails that might get ignored amidst the other unheard messages.

But you can record your answer and send it with an email subject that frames the content.

We particularly liked these three advantages:

  • Fewer miscommunications regarding the tone of the message — Everyone who ever either misunderstood the tone of an email and had an email misunderstood, raise your hands. Yes, we thought it was everyone.
  • Much more engaging and personal for the recipient — They will also know you cared enough to try a new and possibly better way to answer their concern
  • You can record responses anywhere — Every iPhone has a Voice Memo function, Androids come with Voice recorder so you can record while you’re sitting in the park or getting your nails done.

Why don’t you pick one email that you’ve been kicking around your inbox for days now and give it a shot? And tell us how it went!

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