Why don’t you try Morning Pages?

Morning Pages. Have you heard of them?

On first blush they are pages that you write in the morning. Easy enough.

The deeper purpose of writing them — three pages, pen on paper, every day — is to clear your mind of the thoughts and things that would otherwise follow you through your day.

It’s not about writing anything nice or coherent. The more you let go of your inner censor and just write whatever crosses the mind, the better. Also, the faster. (While these morning pages do take time — 30 minutes of your precious morning hours! — you don’t want to write them well into the afternoon.)

The woman who created the morning pages, Julia Cameron, says: “People think they should be artful, but no, they should be as grumpy and as petty as you feel waking up.”

She describes it as a clearing exercise that allows you to move through your day more consciously. A balancing exercise that makes room for creative thinking, creative problem solving, creative creativity.

Are you sold? Why don’t you try it? Write three pages in the morning tomorrow and see where it goes? — And if you’re an avid morning pager already, why don’t you share your experience. We’re all ears!

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