Prime your makeup for overtime

If you’re like us you want to put your makeup on in the morning and then forget about it.

We want to focus on whatever we have going on that day and not worry whether our eye shadow has creased or our foundation melted off.

Primers to the rescue!

They bond with your skin and give your products something to hold on to. They also temporarily fill in lines for a smoother application and perfected complexion. Yes, they add an extra step to your makeup routine but they also make touch-ups during the day mostly unnecessary. We did our makeup math, decided it’s worth it and won’t be turning back any time soon.

Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion

This primer glides on easily, sets quickly and then holds on to whatever eye shadow you put on. It’s not called a “potion” for nothing — it’s quite magical. We went from always having creases in our eye shadow (to the point of wanting to give it up altogether) to never seeing a single crease.

You can use it with your fingers or a brush. It comes in four shades designed to amp up the vibrancy of your shadow choices. Try Sin, a flattering champagne shade or Original, a neutral beige.

Primer_Urban_Decay_EyeshadowHourglass Veil Mineral Primer

This primer helps your foundation stay in place throughout the day while protecting skin with a broad spectrum SPF 15. Pores and redness disappear for an even complexion. Those with combination and oilier skintypes will love the featherlight formula, it feels light and fresh and helps keep the shine at bay.

Use it with your fingers or a brush over your moisturizer. Works well under all foundation types and BB and CC creams.



Please note: These products are personal favorites and were bought and not provided.

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