Try the secret eyeliner

Love to give your eyes a little more definition but aren’t always feeling the full cat eye treatment? You must try the secret eyeliner!

Instead of adding a line above the lash line, you focus on your water line. The often neglected space between lashes and eyeball. Sounds weird and possibly painful? It really isn’t and makes a really nice difference.

You can use a gel liner and liner brush for a more sophisticated approach. We recommend just using an eyeliner pencil to make it super easy. We swear by 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil from Urban Decay in Perversion but any waterproof eye pencil or kohl that’s soft and offers great color transfer will work.

How to do it? Just lift up your eye lid and rim the upper water line. That’s it. You can do it before or after mascara. (If you’re like us you will soon ask yourself: Why haven’t I always done that?)

The Beauty Department is explaining it step-by-step: The No-Liner Liner

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