What magazines do you read?

If you are a woman who likes to be taken seriously, chances are that this feels like a pretty loaded question.

Doesn’t it?

What’s the ideal conspicuous reading material? What glossy favorites can you safely admit to? What is best kept hidden in the bottom drawer lest you want to have your intellect, resolve, professional strength questioned?

Why can’t we just say that we like to leisurely browse the pages of Elle, Vogue, Glamour without fearing that we must be some kind of a disgrace to our fellow enlightened ladies? Must be failing at feminism.

Looking at the latest fashion styles, products that allow us to care for our skin, that new lipstick color that’ll be fun to try. It’s relaxing, no?

With all of that said we were happy to read this article in New York Magazine: Finally, “serious” women are standing up for fashion magazines.

They asked:

“Why should we consider clothes and child care such insulting topics in the first place? Why shouldn’t those conversations coexist with ambition and professional accomplishments?”

Yes, why should we and why shouldn’t they?

Soooo, between us: What magazines do you read?

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