Thank you for being successful

If you can do it, I can do it.

This mantra has been with me for most of my life.

The success of those around me is one of the biggest motivations for me. The more successful, the better. Because every success you are able to achieve broadens the frame of what I believe to be able to achieve myself. It’s entirely logical: Let’s assume you’re not a superhero with supernatural powers (sorry, if you’re Spiderman). Then you must have achieved your success with entirely human qualities and capabilities. That means it’s not impossible. And therefore I might very well be able to replicate your success with my own entirely human qualities and capabilities. Makes sense, right?

Mind you, I’m not saying or expecting it to be easy. Not at all. I’m expecting it to be mind-bendingly hard. I’ve always preferred the path of most resistance anyway. And there is a dramatic difference between “mind-bendingly hard” and “impossible.”

I feel inspired and delighted by all types of success, not just the ones I actively pursue in my own life and career. Whether a friend is being hailed as one of the most important new filmmakers or a friend ends up on Broadway. If these very wonderful and very human people reach the highest achievements in their fields, I should be able to do the same in mine.

It goes both ways, obviously. If I can do it, you can do it too!

What about you? Do you have a mantra that keeps you balanced and focussed throughout the day? Would love to hear about it.

— Katja Bartholmess. “It’s my passion to inspire and motivate other ambitious women with my stories and experiences from over a decade of entrepreneurship.”

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