Let’s stick together

If you’re like us and raise an eyebrow (or hell, depending) when you see an all-male panel, C suite, board room, you’ll appreciate this:

When her company’s committee wanted to dismiss a female board candidate, saying, “We already have one woman on the board.” a female director dead-panned: “We can skip over this resume, too, since we already have two bald white men on the board.”

Have a look at this article from Fast Company for Five Ways Women Can Stick Together In The Workplace.

2 thoughts on “Let’s stick together

  1. Great and hilarious answer. Hahaha! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Be courageous and open your mouth. My little daughter (5) said to a father who was shouting at his son: “I wouldn’t like to be your kid.” She left him gobsmacked. He then apologised to his son. Brave little lady!

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